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Hen Mazzig

Author, Activist, & Founder Of The Tel Aviv Institute

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Daniella Rabbani.jpg
Daniella Rabbani

Activist & Artist

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Brett Gelman.jpg
Brett Gelman

Actor & Comedian (Stranger Things, Fleabag)

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Ritchie Torres.jpg
Ritchie Torres

US Congressman (NY-15)

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Ari Frenkel.jpg
Ari Frenkel

Actor, Writer, & Producer

Personalities Quotes Cards_George Latimer 1_edited.jpg
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George Latimer

Congressional Candidate Ny-16. Westchester County Executive. Fmr. State Senator. Fmr. State Assemblyman.

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Jonah Platt.jpg
Jonah Platt

Actor & Jewish Advocate

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Eve Barlow.jpg
Eve Barlow

Journalist, Activist, 
& Founder Of Blacklisted

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Daniel Ryan Spaulding.jpg
Daniel Ryan Spoulding

Comedian & Acto

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Douglas Murray.jpg
Douglas Murray

Author & Journalist 

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Personalities Quotes Cards_Mark Levine 1_edited.jpg
Mark Levine.jpg
Mark Levine

Manhattan Borough President

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Dara Horn

Author Of People Love
Dead Jews

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Personalities Quotes Cards_Rabbi Menachem 1 (1)_edited.jpg
Menachem Creditor.jpg
Menachem Creditor

Author, Teacher, & Hope-amplifier (Rabbi In Residence UJA)

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Debbie Letchman.jpg
Debbie Letchman

(Known Professionally As Roots Metals) Artist, @riter, And Educator

Michael Rapaport.jpg
Michael Rapaport

Actor & Podcaster

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Chef Beejhy.jpg
Chef Beejhy

Owner Tsion Cafe In Harlem

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Personalities Quotes Cards_Guy Shalem 1_edited.jpg
Guy Shalem.jpg
Guy Shalem

Emmy-nominated Producer, Director, & Writer

Personalities Quotes Cards_Matthew Nouriel 1_edited.jpg
Matthew Nouriel.jpg
Matthew Nouriel

Iranian, Jewish, & Queer Social Media Influencer

Jerry Seinfeld.jpg
Jerry Seinfeld

Actor & Comedian

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Personalities Quotes Cards_David Fishof 1_edited.jpg
David Fishof.jpg
David Fishof

Music Producer, Sports Agent, And The Founder And Ceo Of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp

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Franky Berstein.jpg
Franky Bernstein

Social Media Influencer -
The Nice Jewish

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Personalities Quotes Cards_Shelia Nazarian 1_edited.jpg
Dr Sheila Nazarian.jpg
Dr Sheila Nazarian

Plastic Surgeon & Reality Tv Star 

Kosha Dillz.jpg
Kosha Dillz

Jewish Rapper, Activist, 
And Comedian

Kosha Dillz.jpg
Personalities Quotes Cards_Lani Mekeel 1_edited.jpg
Lani Mekeel.jpg
Lani Mekeel

Indigenous Advocate & Model 


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