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Marco Shalma

A New York-Based entrepreneur and executive producer known for his innovative approach to branding and his dedication to community-centric ventures. As the founder of round seven media and MASC Hospitality Group, Marco leverages his entrepreneurial spirit to craft successful branding and marketing strategies that stand out in the industry.

Stacy Maltin

A Multi-talented Filmmaker and Performer whose unique storytelling approach highlights the intricacies of the human experience. Her diverse skills in directing, writing, and acting are prominently displayed in her award-winning feature "Triple Threat" and the critically acclaimed mini-series "Mashed." Stacey's unwavering commitment to profound storytelling and creative excellence is underscored by her continuous recognition and accolades within the industry.

Jackie Schwartz

Renowned for her influential work in the entertainment industry and her passionate advocacy for the Jewish diaspora. As the vice president of  Operations & development at besties make movies, she has been instrumental in Successful projects like "Triple Threat." Jackie's significant contributions to  Major initiatives, collaborations with notable figures, and her acknowledged presence at prestigious festivals highlight her profound impact and dedication to both her craft and community.

Dani Tenenbaum

Award-winning storyteller and vr filmmaker celebrated for his pioneering approach to narrative storytelling. A distinguished graduate of the "Minshar for art" film school, Dani earned notable honors and gained recognition for his thesis film 'guides,' as well as a cinematography award for "Zoe" at the 2012. 48-hour film project in ny. His feature films, including "Landing Up" and "A New Christmas," showcase his versatility and are widely available on digital platforms. As the founder of the sandbox, a directors' collective based in Brooklyn, NY, Dani's fervent passion for storytelling and innovative filmmaking continues to influence and leave a mark on the industry.

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